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The function of air pump in grain processing and the analysi

 In the process of grain processing, due to the large amount of dust produced, in order to avoid affecting the health of the human body and the pollution caused by the environment, some measures need to be taken to remove the dust effectively. The air pump can do this, but only if it is properly installed and used properly to improve the environmental protection in the process of food processing.


The air pump is usually used as a dust removal pump in the food processing situation, so it is not to insert the pipe before receiving the electricity, but it should be connected to the power source to determine the turning of the motor. If the air pump is reversed at this time, the slide will break and the equipment will be damaged and must be repaired in time.


Pump such as the storage time is longer or the transport, storage environment humid air pump cylinder from any cause within the humidity is big, can make the sliding vane pump rotor and rotor groove binding together, leading to one or more pieces at boot time to throw out the sliding vane pump, pump at this time will show is no wind, wind pressure instability.


In this case, the air pump can not be connected to the air pump for half an hour without the airway, and all the slides will be thrown out, such as the pressure of the table is still unstable and must be removed and then installed and used after cleaning it. In this way, the air pump can restore normal dusting effect.


Pump installed pipe is too long or when the pump in the use of frequent start-up, shutdown, then its motor before the downtime will reverse, the resulting high pressure, negative pressure it is also one of the reasons of sliding vane breakage. In this case, to install the one-way valve in the pipeline can effectively eliminate such problems.

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