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What kinds of emergency power supply?

 The type of emergency power supply

1.EPS emergency power supply: an emergency power supply composed of charger, inverter, battery, isolation transformer, switch switch, etc., which can invert the direct current energy into ac power. Applicable to the load that allows the interruption of power supply to be more than 0.25 s.

2.UPS uninterrupted power supply: it mainly USES power converter energy storage device (accumulator) and switch (electron and mechanical type) to ensure the continuity of power supply continuity. Applies to the load that allows the power to break power in milliseconds.

3. Self-prepared emergency diesel generator set: it is powered by diesel engine, which can be used to generate power generating equipment composed of synchronous generator. Rapid self-priming generator sets are suitable for buildings that allow interruption of power supply time of 15s or more. The working time of the emergency power supply should be considered in accordance with the power failure time allowed in the production technology. When used with the generator set with automatic start-up, it should not be less than l0min.

4. The automatic input device is independent of the normal power supply circuit. The time of operation of the self-casting device can meet the emergency power supply that permits the interruption of power supply time of 1.5s or 0.6s. If there is a special critical load that allows the power outage to be a millisecond and has a small capacity, if it is possible to use dc power supply, the battery pack should be used as an emergency power supply.

5. Prepare emergency gas turbine generator set; It is the power of the gas turbine, and the power generation equipment of the synchronous generator.

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