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Is the cleaning method of vortex air pump used correctly?

 Vortex pump in use are always of one sort or another problem, through professional personage analysis, most of the equipment malfunction in the running, mostly because of the operator before using equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and later after the use of equipment not timely cleaning.


In other words, because the vortex air pump has not been cleaned, it affects its next use effect. It seems that the cleaning of the whirlpool air pump is also skillful, otherwise it is very difficult to clean it thoroughly, so that it has a good state to go into the next use process.


When cleaning the whirlpool air pump, the inside of it is not to be wiped with wet cloth, if the water drop on the cloth is low to the equipment, will be affected to its use. Therefore, the cleaning method inside the whirlpool air pump is cleaned with clean cotton cloth, but first the cotton cloth slightly wet, thus better removing the dirt.


In the vortex pump oil cooling water pipe outside wall cleaning, it is important to note that not can clean in acid and alkali, but to use hot water to wash, because of the hot water degreasing ability stronger, ensure that the equipment of oil wall cleaning is very clean.


In addition, after the operation of the vortex air pump is completed, it is necessary to wipe clean the external and internal use of the equipment to keep the equipment dry enough to prevent the equipment from dampness. If you can really master these three points, and can be cleaned regularly, the whirlpool air pump will be better in every aspect, and it will last longer.

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