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What is an engine management system?

 The EMS adopts various sensors to convert the engine to air quantity, cooling water temperature, engine speed and acceleration, etc., into electrical signals and into the controller. The controller compares the information to the storage information, and accurately calculates the output control signal. EMS can not only accurately control fuel supply, but also replace traditional carburetor, and can control ignition advance Angle and idle air flow, etc., greatly improve engine performance.

By the precise control of fuel injection and ignition, the pollutant emission can be reduced by 50%. If you use an oxygen sensor and a tri-element catalytic converter, you can reduce the toxic emissions by more than 90% in a narrow range of lambda = 1. In the idling adjustment range, the idle speed is reduced by about 100~150rpm due to the adoption of idle speed regulator, and the fuel consumption is reduced further by 3~4 percent. If the detonation control is adopted, the engine power can be increased by 3~5% and the fuel of different quality can be improved.

With the increasingly strict emission regulations worldwide, adopting EMS system has become an irresistible trend. Therefore, UAES products have a broad application prospect in the process of advancing the modernization of China's automobile industry.

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