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What are the USES of the emergency power supply?

 Cars and trucks need to be powered by cars when the engine starts

The built-in storage battery provides 12 volts. When the car's battery cannot be used, the car cannot be started, and the emergency power supply can replace the car's battery and start the car.

Emergency power supply can also with many other rich function, become a broader sense of emergency power, for charging the electric equipment such as mobile phones, for example, can be used as a lighting, can provide laptop power supply; The air pump can also pump the tyres; The inverter can also output 220 volts to power other appliances.

It should be noted that when choosing products good emergency power supply must first easy to maintain, don't even need to maintain, battery life is long, can adapt to the harsh working conditions, such as some of the products in a wide range of temperature difference can normal work. It also depends on whether the function meets the requirements, whether it is convenient to use, etc.

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