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How to choose emergency power supply?

 EPS emergency power supply and purchasing instructions: since EPS emergency power supply is a product changing with different requirements of design, the following instructions should be given to each specification in the selection of products:

1) the number of road input is whether dual or single circuit;

2) input phase number, single phase or three-phase;

3) load total capacity refers to the total load capacity of a EPS emergency power supply;

4) load type, which means to do the lighting or power use, and carry any load;

5) emergency standby time;

6) output the number of roads, indicating how many circuits are required to be exported;

7) whether there are fire control linkage and number of roads;

8) the size of the outlet line and the way of entering the outlet line, and whether the entering line has special requirements;

9) other requirements refer to the above requirements.

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