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What kind of igniter are there?

 There are three main types:

Electronic pulse ignitor: pulse type for small power so that the ignition energy, sparks temperature is low, for some high ignition point for selecting a mixture of gas and low concentration gas, to ignite a blast burner ignition rate is low, often there will be a point or explosion accidents, no long time and cannot be continuous ignition easy to burn out of fuel oil burner.

High frequency high voltage electronic igniter, big power, high ignition energy produced sparks temperature is high, but the ignition timing is generally not exceed 5 minutes, otherwise easy to heat, burn out, and it's big and heavy volume installation transportation is difficult.

Silicon steel sheet coil type igniter, big power, high energy produced sparks temperature, ignition time 10 minutes, or fever burn out, smaller and lighter, but domestic common quality is bad is imported occupied 90% of the market.

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