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Performance characteristics of cold and hot one-piece machin

 Hot and cold die temperature machine, double temperature one integrated temperature control machine can heating and refrigeration, also can realize mutual switch to speed up the production schedule and reducing energy consumption, improve the efficiency of product molding, inhibit the defects of products, reduce bad product produce. Computer touch control, automatic calculation, multi-point temperature control unit can be customized. Can automatically precise temperature control, can achieve the setting temperature quickly, the set value and the actual value are shown separately. Isolation type electric control box, prolong use fixed number of year, pipeline explosion-proof device, the built-in security protection, low noise, high temperature resistance against corrosion, the unique design of heating power saving and durable suitable for different temperature place. Cold and hot one-piece machine, cold and heat one mold temperature rise temperature fast, accurate and uniform temperature, high efficiency and energy saving.

The heating part

1. Computer touch control, separated electrical control, easy to understand. (to buy)

2. The temperature control table adopts the Japanese OMRON, RKC microcomputer dual group P.I.D control, the touch-type internal storage automatic calculation, accurate and reliable, and saves over 35%.

3. Perfect safety protection and fault indication system.

4. Imported advanced components, Japan FUJI, OMROU, French Schneider, Germany SIEMENS, Taiwan ANLY, etc.

5. Absorb the functions of the mold return oil and the whole negative pressure operation. (to buy)

6. The stainless steel is integrated into shape, and the tube is small and well-done.

7. Automatic exhaust function

Refrigeration parts

1. Imported American grain wheel, French American yuling Japan big gold Taiwan bend han zhong taikang and Japan sanyo and other compressors, low noise, ultra-high energy efficiency.

2. The efficient evaporator and condenser can save more than 30%.

3. Imported advanced components, long service years.

4. High-precision double-channel digital display is used to show the power temperature control meter.

5. Two sets of compressors can be used alone or jointly (c-10 or above).

6. Safety protection and troubleshooting system improvement.

7. Microcomputer touch control, easy to understand (optional).

8. No oxygen welding is used in copper pipe.

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