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The double impeller vortex air pump must be prepared before

 Due to the special design on the structure, the double spiral pump impeller should be cautious in the process of installation and use, in order to avoid because of the negligence of the details and affect the normal operation of the entire device, thus bring bad effects using effect. What is the correct way of using the impeller vortex air pump?

In order to ensure the stability and balance of the machine, the screw should be tightened with a flat washer and a spring washer to ensure the stability and balance of the machine. In addition, rubber buffer can be used to bear the weight of the double-impeller vortex air pump, especially the double impeller vortex air pump of high power, which is indispensable to him.

Especially in some requiring high to noise, can according to the conditions of the double spiral pump impeller itself, plus deadened the noise of a layer of cotton, so you can at the scene of the meet the requirements under the premise of noise, to maintain good working condition, for the operation effect of the pump.

It's worth noting that there are double spiral pump impeller into outlet pipe connection, it is recommended to use the hose connection, the purpose is to isolate vibration, make double spiral pump impeller with stable and quiet state of work, help to improve the working environment.

In the double spiral pump impeller using sound deadened the noise of cotton, pay attention to the distance vortex pump with the box body, pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation vortex air pump, pay attention to the rubber buffer to support the weight of the vortex pump. If there is an uncertain stability, it is best to consult the manufacturer of vortex air pump.

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