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What are the characteristics of emergency power supply?

 The emergency power supply for centralized power supply is the power supply of all kinds of electrical equipment needed for evacuation lighting or other fire fighting and emergency situations in the event of fire or other emergency in the building. It can be seen from its power supply purpose that the emergency power supply should meet the following special requirements.

(1) high reliability. High reliability refers to the reliable power supply during emergency. Ensure that the power supply is the primary purpose of the power supply, as long as the components can run without damage, the power supply cannot be stopped. At this point, of course, the working state of the components may be quite harsh, some of the electrical parameters of power (such as frequency, harmonic ratio) in a particular state may not be ideal, but as long as the electricity load in the condition of these parameters can work, can't stop the power supply power supply. [1]

(2) surveillance. Although the emergency power supply is used in special occasions (power supply power failure, fire, etc.), the emergency diesel generator set should also be tested regularly. Especially for the emergency static non-power supply: one is to use its own RS232 interface, send the signal to the host, and monitor with the computer; The second is for the normal load, normally can use emergency power supply to power, this is the best surveillance. [1]

(3) maintenance. The maintenance and maintenance of the device is in three aspects: first, the charging and discharging of the battery is accomplished by the intelligent integrated chip with the equipment. Second, the maintenance battery is adopted; Third, the equipment can issue state warning signal. [1]

(4) the system is simple and easy to control. The design of electrical engineering shows that the type of emergency power supply is not a single one in a specific fire protection object. The power supply range and capacity are generally determined by the factors such as construction load grade, power supply quality, emergency load quantity and distribution, load characteristics and so on.

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