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What are the field of emergency power application?

 Emergency power supply can also with many other rich function, become a broader sense of emergency power, for charging the electric equipment such as mobile phones, for example, can be used as a lighting, can provide laptop power supply; The air pump can also pump the tyres; The inverter can also output 220 volts to power other appliances. In the application and development of emergency power supply, fire power supply has special setting requirements because of its particularity. According to the needs of specific set of EPS emergency power supply has the fire power supply industry of advanced and practical, can realize the microcomputer monitoring and processing, for fire emergency lighting, emergency mercury lamp, fire elevator, water pump, exhaust fan and other fire control facilities can realize automatic control. EPS uninterrupted power supply for high-rise buildings, telecommunications network computer room, hospital, financial center, the civil aviation airport, exhibition venues, theaters, cinemas, government office, metro light rail, commercial real estate, petrochemical industry, shopping malls supermarkets provide emergency lighting power supply and other important places.

(1) emergency lighting controller: emergency lighting controller should be able to control and display in all the fire emergency lighting, emergency lighting system centralized power supply, emergency lighting distribution box and other accessories working condition.

(2) emergency power: with a step, ramp, escalator crowded places, such as personnel may cause panic room emergency lighting conversion time not more than 0.25 s, other places of emergency conversion time is not more than 5 s, should from the heating heat source, such as more than 1 m.

(3) distribution box device: power distribution box or distribution box set in the duty room, fire control room, distribution room, and motor room;

When the distribution box or distribution box is installed on the wall, the base height of the distribution box is 1.3m ~ 1.5m, and the lateral distance of the door shaft is not less than 0.5 m, and the frontal operation distance is not less than 1.0m.

(4) emergency luminaires: when there is a fire in the building, the lighting of the work place still needs to be kept normally; According to the ring

Reasonable selection of fire emergency lighting with anti-moisture, waterproof, dust proof, anti-explosion, anti-shock, corrosion resistance and mechanical damage.

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