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What is a igniter made of?

 The composition of igniter is mainly composed of power supply, ignition coil, distributor, ignition switch, spark plug and igniter

Additional resistance and its short - connected device, high - voltage wire and other components.

1. Power supply: consists of accumulator and generator. When starting, ignition is provided by the battery to provide low voltage power. When the generator voltage is higher than the battery voltage, the ignition is provided by the generator to provide low voltage.

2. Ignition coil: the 12V low voltage switch provided by the automobile power supply becomes the high voltage that can puncture the gap of the spark plug electrode.

3, distributor: in generator driven by the camshaft, connected on time and to cut off the ignition coil primary current, the ignition coil in a timely manner to produce high voltage, high voltage transmission and press the ignition sequence to each cylinder spark plug; The adjustment of ignition time can be realized automatically and artificially. The capacitor is used to reduce the contact spark of the broken appliance and improve the secondary voltage of ignition coil.

4. Ignition switch: control the failure of the low voltage circuit of ignition system, control the start of the generator and quenching the fire.

5. Spark plug: the high piezoelectricity is introduced into the combustion chamber, resulting in electric spark ignition mixture.

6. Additional resistance short connect device: when starting, the additional resistance is shortened, the primary current of ignition coil is increased, and the ignition energy of spark plug is enhanced when starting.

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