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The principle of the ignition circuit

 The relationship between the power supply voltage of igniter and the high pressure package is as follows:

1. Ac CDI igniter, double pressure ac igniter: the principle of the instantaneous discharge of the thyristor with the capacitor saving power, and the high-voltage output voltage of the high-voltage package can be output. The AC pulse high voltage, which is output by magnetic motor, is called AC-CDI igniter, and a CDI high pressure packet suitable for pulse high voltage is used.

2, dc CDI ignition: 12 v car battery for power supply, ignition internal booster circuit, then still use capacitor energy storage "SCR discharge circuit mode, make the output light ultra high voltage ignition coil. Due to the use of low voltage DC power source, it is called dc-cdi igniter, and the output end is also the common CDI high-voltage package.

3, dc inductance igniter: for 12 v car battery power supply, ignition internal calculation circuit, output high current/low voltage to form a complete set of special ignition coil inductance, some of which is called "digital ignition. This kind of igniter output, is based on inductive ignition coil current time I have to "charge", in the timing of the ignition coil power inductor for "fire", and CDI igniter according to the principle of ignition of capacitance high-voltage discharge is different.

4. Integrated igniter: it is the igniter for the combination of a firearm and a high-pressure pack, which is similar to a high pressure bag. Currently, there are only ac igniters that are used to power the magneto. The two punch engines have the AX100 integrated igniter and magnolia integrated igniter, which is a self-triggered AC-CDI igniter, with a slight variation of angular function. The four-punch engine has XH90 integrated igniter, which requires the sensor to provide the trigger signal, which is the fixed-angle ac-cdi circuit.

5. By the way, the identification of high pressure packs: conventional CDI high pressure pack, with a primary resistance of about 0.3 euro, suitable for the electric pulse of 150 ~ 250V. Resistance and the inductance of modern motorcycle ignition coil, its primary about 3 ~ 4 o, points are negative, suitable for working in the 9 ~ 12 v voltage, usually sparks of CDI ignition slightly stronger than normal. The ignition circuit of the inductance high pressure packet is more complicated due to the need to pre-connect the electric pressure pack before the fire.

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