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What is the operating principle of air pump?

 The operating principle of the air pump is that the engine drives the air pump crankshaft through two triangular bands, which drives the piston to pump air, and the gas is pumped through the air pipe to import the gas cylinder. On the other hand, the air cylinder is used to control the air pressure inside the gas cylinder by importing the gas from the gas cylinder into the regulating valve in the air pump. When the air pressure in the air cylinder fails to reach the pressure regulating valve, the gas from inside the air pressure regulating valve cannot be opened with the valve of the regulating valve; When the pressure inside the gas reservoir pressure regulating valve setting pressure, from within the gas reservoir into the open pressure regulating valve of gas pressure regulating valve, the valve into the pump and pressure regulating valve are interlinked in the airway, and through the air inlet normally open airway control pump, to pump empty load operation, to reduce power consumption, and protect the pump. When the air pressure inside the gas reservoir because of the loss is lower than the pressure regulating valve setting pressure, pressure regulating valves in the valve by a return spring to return it, disconnect the pump gas circuit, the control of air pump starts all over again.

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