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2017-11-21Performance characteristics of cold and hot one-piece machin

Hot and cold die temperature machine, double temperature one integrated temperature control machine ……[More]

2017-11-21The double impeller vortex air pump must be prepared before

Due to the special design on the structure, the double spiral pump impeller should be cautious in th……[More]

2017-11-21What are the characteristics of emergency power supply?

The emergency power supply for centralized power supply is the power supply of all kinds of electric……[More]

2017-11-21What are the field of emergency power application?

Emergency power supply can also with many other rich function, become a broader sense of emergency p……[More]

2017-11-21What is a igniter made of?

The composition of igniter is mainly composed of power supply, ignition coil, distributor, ignition ……[More]

2017-11-21The principle of the ignition circuit

The relationship between the power supply voltage of igniter and the high pressure package is as fol……[More]

2017-11-21Clean and maintain the refrigerator

1. The food left in the cooler can produce bad smell and must be cleaned regularly. 2. Open the upp……[More]

2017-11-21The product structure of the refrigerator

Hot and cold boxes mainly USES the food grade LLDPE environmental protection material, after the wor……[More]

2017-11-21What are the types of on-board power supply?

1. The inverter, it is a kind of can convert DC12V or 24 v dc to and the same AC220V ac mains, for t……[More]

2017-11-21What is an air pump?

Air pump (qibeng) air pump is a device for removing air from a closed space or adding air from enclo……[More]

2017-11-21What is the operating principle of air pump?

The operating principle of the air pump is that the engine drives the air pump crankshaft through tw……[More]

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